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What should be considered in PVC Joinery!

Initially, we should not consider having your window (pvc window) done as an expense. A PVC joinery that provides good insulation reduces heat losses to a minimum, saving energy and reducing your fuel costs. If the needed PVC window is in a position with a view, you should prefer wide opening wings. However, in this case, it is useful to choose models with a large wall thickness, a large number of chambers, and a thick support sheet. When you make a choice, you will come across numerous brands and models. First of all, you should get information about the condition of your house from manufacturers and vendors specialized in their fields. You can also get help from a business that your acquaintances have worked with and were satisfied with.

The right glass choice should be made.

Isıcam Classic, Isıcam Synergy, Isıcam Comfort are the most preferred glass systems.

The brand of window accessories such as window handles, glass and mosquito nets used in PVC windows increases both the price and quality. Prefer auxiliary materials that the manufacturer guarantees. Profiles and glasses used in PVC windows provide sound, heat and strength together. Profiles and glasses used in PVC management provide sound, heat and strength together. Different solutions with different properties can be produced in heat-oriented glasses. Especially in hot regions, the use of comfort glass ensures that the sun's heat enters between 30-40% less with the film layer inside, making the interior cooler. Isıcam Es, on the other hand, ensures that the air inside the house stays inside the house, and a very effective sound insulation can be achieved by using Acoustic Laminated Glass in noisy places facing the street. Laminated Glasses with PVB are used to ensure safety where security is required.
Another important point to note is that workmanship is as important as material. The right materials and the right workmanship will prevent you from encountering problems. For this reason, manufacturer dealers and PVC window brands whose experience you trust, whose references are positive, and whose after-sales support will not be a problem should be your primary choice. In order not to encounter a problem after assembly, the correct measurement should not be neglected. In addition, it is recommended to make a contract with any dealer for PVC windows. The contract in question should include the nature of the work to be done, the conditions under which the work will be done, how and when the assembly will take place, the materials to be used, your requests and what to do in case of negativity. It should be learned whether PVC windows have quality certificates such as TSE, ISO. The use of long-lasting and durable “polyurethane-based mastic” is another important point. In your PVC window preferences, you should help the dealer to choose the appropriate material by making a discovery considering the factors such as the region and facade of your building, height and wind conditions. If the temperature difference between day and night is high in your area, you can choose EPDM rubber gasket instead of TPE gray gasket in terms of cold and hot resistance and permanent deformation.

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